What are our odds to bring Amazon's 2nd HQ to South Florida?

What are our odds to bring Amazon's 2nd HQ to South Florida (Hint the odds of the Jets winning the Super Bowl are currently better): 

Bottom Line: So, the bids are in and our odds of winning in South Florida are...  

  • 1 in 238 (all bids being equal) 

 Amazon's much anticipated 2nd headquarters which will bring $5 billion in initial investment along with 50,000 jobs paying well above average salaries received more official bids than any corporate project on record. Our South Florida group, led by the Beacon Council, met all terms of the RFP process that provides a potential destination ranging from West Palm Beach to Doral. Those details on the final location will be fought through if/when there's a need (good problem to debate). With the first phase complete the second phase is a round 1 elimination of potential destinations by Amazon. No word on exactly when that'll come. Keep your fingers crossed we're still having the conversation when it does. Btw, if you were curious the current Jets/Super Bowl odds are 1 in 200.

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