Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 26th:

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 26th: 

Bottom Line: These are you daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous news media... 

So, let's see. The average cost of healthcare per person per year rising from $6,100 pre-Obamacare to $9990 per person today wasn't ruinous. 42 million people paying an average of $6500 for health insurance that couldn't afford any healthcare last year wasn't ruinous. The cost estimates for the taxpayer responsibility for subsidies being off by 120% (thank you CBO and others) wasn't ruinous. That fact that you couldn't keep your doctor or your plan wasn't ruinous. But whatever the heck the GOP is working on is... Got it. That makes perfect sense. 

Excerpt: Right now, everything that comes from Capitol Hill is bad for Republicans.  

Well there you have it. Tune in tomorrow for another edition of an altered state of reality (also known as CNN). So, it's a distraction that a Russian official under FBI investigation for a myriad of potential improprieties was granted a special access visa on multiple occasions by the state department under Hillary Clinton. It's a distraction that the official participated in the sale of 20% of the US uranium supply to Russia. It's a distraction that the Clinton Foundation reaped significant donations from these Russian interests. It's a distraction that Clinton's campaign, the DNC and potentially the FBI funded a false Russian-dossier slandering Donald Trump that appears to have continued as he was President-Elect. And that's just the short list. Yes, that's all this is. But then again CNN has almost invested in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative as Hillary Clinton at this point so why not keep (lies)hope alive.  

Yep, like maybe Republicans who'll actually do what they campaign they'll do?   

Until tomorrow...

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