Tracking Trump - The President's approval for October 27th:

Tracking Trump - The President's approval for October 27th:      

Bottom Line: This is one of two weekly tracking stories to get a reality/temperature check with regard to what's really going on with public opinion of the President. In this series we'll track the high point, low point and current ratings...   

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 37% approval and 59% disapprove: -22% (8/4/17)     

  • Trump highest approval ratings were an average 45% approval and 43% disapproval +2% (1/27/17)   

  • Trump's current ratings: 39% approval and 57% disapprove: -18%     

President Trump's rating dropped a point this week. What's most interesting is that the emerging trend I identified last week within President Trump's ratings is continuing to play out... The more likely someone is to vote, the higher his overall approval rating.   

  • With adult only samples his rating over the past week averaged: 36%   

  • Registered voters only: 40%  

  • Likely voters: 43%  

Last week the gap was four points. This week is a wide seven point spread. We're in an important window of time with the budget deal now passed in Congress and the high potential for tax reform behind it.  

The range was Rasmussen 12% to Reuters -25%      

Until next week...     

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