Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 30th:

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 30th: 

Bottom Line: These are your daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous (GSS) media... 

Pieces like this are as instructive as they come. They cut straight to the fundamental core of what the leftists represent that this country wasn't created to represent. One of the cornerstone differences between the United States vs other governments preceding it is this issue (let alone taxes being the final catalyst for the decision to engage revolt against the British). What's the difference?  

With other governments money was owned them simply for existing. In other words, it was the government's money and they'd decide how much we'd get to keep. Our country was setup the other way around. It's our money and we decide how much the government can take based on our priorities. We didn't even have a full time federal income tax until 1913 and yet we'd become one of the world's superpowers without one in just over 100 years (that's not a coincidence btw). So, the foundation of the premise that tax cuts are either unwarranted or dangerous is to lack any understanding about the very premise of our country. How can it ever be unwarranted that someone's allowed to keep what they've earned and is rightfully theirs? What's dangerous is the abortion of education in this country that allows for GSS media to perpetuate this nonsense and have anyone take them seriously.  

So now a story is being decimated for public consumption aimed at the media from an organization that already had to terminate employees for falsifying news about President Trump and has now be exposed to have direct ties to the fraudulent Fusion GPS dossier. Catch all of that? Wow, what they heck? The desperate actions of corrupt GSS people and organizations on full display.  

Yes, you know like the truth? Oh, wait you wouldn't know that would you? After all you're now found to be directly part of the conspiracy. I guess when you're this deep into conspiracy and lies you just go all in and damn the truth and the torpedoes and hope that people don't hear the truth to hold you accountable.  

Until tomorrow...  

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