Important headlines for October 31st:

Important headlines for October 31st:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)...

Excerpt: They were always going to come for George Washington. Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, announced last week that it will remove a pair of memorial plaques honoring Washington and Robert E. Lee, who were parishioners at the historic Episcopal church, marking the latest flashpoint in what has become an endlessly widening war on the past.

According to church officials, the justification for removing the plaques, which were installed in 1870 and for the past 147 years haven’t caused much trouble, was to help make the sanctuary a “more welcoming space.” Welcoming for whom? They didn’t say, but they didn’t have to. By now, we all know what they mean. The mere presence of the names of Lee and Washington, tainted as they are in the eyes of progressive iconoclasts, has become unbearable.

And just like that it happened. The founder among founders of this country (yes, Ben Franklin's role can't be understated but if we didn't win the revolution he probably would have stayed and Europe with his friends - Washington would have died alongside the Patriots who fought for our freedoms - I digressed), has had his likeness removed. From the beginning of the historical removal of that which is deemed unacceptable this has always been the concern of many of us. Now it's happened and it's potentially just the beginning. I want to be wrong this time but I'm concerned I'm not. The closed-minded bigoted leftists crowd has now come so far that the very people who little provided the freedom for them to be close-minded bigots is now being removed. That's extremely sad irony for you. This is why though of us who understand history and our rights, a la the 2nd amendment, aren't willing to accept the premise of many activists. So often it's a slippery slope and before you know it George Washington is too controversial. I've got an idea. If you don't like the country he helped create - please leave. No really, please go. You're a danger to freedom. 

Is summer hot and winter, well, less hot? Is grass green (when watered) and brown when it isn't? Is Katie Couric's career highlight at Yahoo? Is Greta Van Susstreen retired? Megyn Kelly's mistake (chasing the biggest payday), isn't the first time that both network and talent hurt one another simultaneously. The biggest mistake is miscasting characters in any production. Would Keanu Reeves have been successful as "Braveheart"? Would Mel Gibson had a chance to pull off "The Matrix"? The miscasting of characters, news personalities as the three examples cited might be, is a painful mistake. Right people in the right places. News personalities are often similar to sports stars these days. If they change teams you're not likely to change your allegiances because they did. 

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