November's Hurricane History:

November's Hurricane History:  

Bottom Line: The finish line to this hurricane season is in sight as we enter into the final month. I do have a trivia question for you first however... Of the six months of hurricane season which is the most inactive? If you answered November you're incorrect. Historically it's been June. Surprised? November is the 2nd least active of hurricane season and here's the actual breakdown of months based on activity:  

  1. September 

  1. August 

  1. October 

  1. July 

  1. November 

  1. June 

So historically what does November generally bring? Since 1851 (the first year of official tracking of the Atlantic hurricane season) November has brought the following... 91 tropical storms and 60 hurricanes. In other words, we average a tropical storm about every other year and a hurricane about every three years. So, the wind is at our back (pun intended) as we head down the home stretch.  



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