Important headlines for November 6th:

Important headlines for November 6th: 

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)... 

Excerpt: Brazile insists that during her stint as party chair, after the ouster of the much-derided Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she could find no other evidence of “internal corruption” to suggest that DNC insiders had intentionally rigged the Democratic primaries to boost Clinton and torpedo Sanders. 

Well, OK. But I would say that's a moot point, wouldn’t you? Brazile's contention is that the party organization was being operated as a money-laundering front by its leading candidate, in roughly the same way Tony Soprano would run a bankrupt sporting-goods store. If that was true at any point, then the intentions of the people involved are irrelevant. The entire enterprise was corrupt from top to bottom. 

And that's from sympathetic Salon. As outrageous as the Democrats rigging of the primary against Bernie Sanders was - it wasn't illegal. It's their party. The most important news over the past week, filed in federal court documents as part of the Congressional investigation into the Uranium 1 and Fusion GPS scandals, is that the Obama campaign, Clinton campaign and DNC all illegally funded Fusion GPS and violated a minimum of three federal laws in-so doing. My question was, and remains, for those who're honest on the left is this... Do you truly was justice? Do you think we should be treated equitably under the law? Do you find the utter corruption of your party acceptable? We're starting to see a smattering of the honest folks on the left that're still around do the honorable thing and suggest that enough's enough 

Excerpt: So, when they lost the election, there was a reckoning. Instead of talking about middle-class tax cuts, they talked about transgender bathroom access. Instead of talking about fixing Obamacare, which was crushing many in the middle class with high premiums and complicated doctor selections, they walked right into the trap of the alt-right and began tearing down Civil War statues. What they don't seem to understand is that you can point out your opponent's weaknesses all day long, but if you don't provide an alternative, then people will stick with the status quo. 

Who are the next generation of leaders in the Democratic Party? Pelosi and Schumer? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? I don't see a farm team over there that would make any Republican operative pessimistic about the GOP's chances moving forward. You can't beat something with nothing.  

This piece is brilliant for reasons that both thoughtful Democrats and Republicans can appreciate. I've lamented that the Democrats have moved so far left that Bill Clinton's policies were closer to President Bush's (either) than President Obama's. I was disappointed when Mark Cuban announced that if he runs for President it'll be as a Republican, because I was hoping he'd run as a Democrat, so at least the President, regardless of party would be a capitalist. This is the party where you're shouted down if you don't believe in at least six genders, advocate for the removal of any historic artifact displayed that you don't like, believe there isn't room for speech you don't agree with, insist that cops are racists, the flag oppressive and people who pray to God are science deniers.   

That's alarming - not progress. 

It's a fact. Political correctness is literally killing people in our country. 

Until tomorrow... 

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