Important headlines for November 8th:

Important headlines for November 8th: 

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)... 

Excerpt: If anything is in the domain of the public's right to know, it's the facts on whether Fusion GPS paid journalists to write what they wanted written. That's what's being wrangled in Congress now, whether Fusion GPS should be forced to reveal its banking records showing payments to journalists, payments that might possibly have come from the Russian government or some other moneybags client. 

 In the but wait there's more category! While we don't know if media types were literally paid to spread lies, that there is a Congressional investigation that's raised evidence that some might have is probably news you haven't heard reported by the very GSS media that potentially were on the take. That's fun. 

Excerpt: The hero who stopped the gunman behind the deadly Texas church massacre said using an AR-15 enabled him to end the bloodshed. In an emotional interview with CRTV’s “Louder With Crowder” on Monday, Stephen Willeford described the gunfight and dramatic car chase that ensued to stop the shooter from slaughtering additional churchgoers. 

The former National Rifle Association instructor was home Sunday morning when his daughter told Willeford she had heard gunshots from the nearby Baptist church, prompting him to get his AR-15 rifle from his safe and load a magazine.  

So now we know that gun control wouldn't have changed the outcome Sunday - it already wasn't supposed to be legal for the killer to posses the weapons and now we have the man who ended the massacre saying he couldn't have done it without his AR. That's the very weapon most gun control advocates are attempting to ban. I'm sure it's oversight that the GSS media hasn't been all over this point.  

John F Kerry's seriously still being taken seriously? This is the guy who took James Taylor over to France to sing you've got a friend after the worst Islamic terror attack in the country's history. Which unsurprisingly isn't anywhere near the worst Islamic terror attack in French history any longer. Apparently, the James Taylor experience didn't convince ISIS to drop the whole caliphate thing. 

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