Important headlines for November 13th:

Important headlines for November 13th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)...  

This story talks of the various efforts being made around the country to ensure the NFL feels the wrath of those who're tired of the politicking on the playing field. Veterans Day weekend provided a renewed catalyst for fans who've already felt jilted. While it'll take a little time to obtain the potential impact of the various boycott efforts this weekend here's what we do know about the NFL's performance this year. Through last week the average ratings performance for the NFL is down 5.7% over 2016's season. That after an 8% decline last year. These are big numbers and be mindful that the ratings that we've accounted for before this weekend were the ones that occurred prior to the election last year - meaning the potential for even larger losses are increased going forward. 

The easiest mistake politicians and wannabee politicians on the right can make is playing into the media's narrative. This just in...the MSM is not your friend. Donald Trump won last year's election by margins far wider than either of GW Bushes wins and yet the media is - now extoling the virtues of Bush because he's singing their tune. What was the media's narrative about Bush when he was in office? Anyway, here's the deal. As I cited last week, the Democrats outperformed down ballot in Virginia last week. They had a good day no doubt. And here's the thing, the candidates who embraced President Trump's message fared better than those who didn't in Virginia. Playing into the media's narrative hurt a number of Republicans last Tuesday and is likely to continue to do so for those who do so going forward. 

Excerpt: “We have betrayed [Martin Luther] King’s vision of making race irrelevant and wasted another couple generations. Black people have declined more so than during the era of segregation. We have to get beyond race at some point,” he says. 

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