Important headlines for November 14th:

Important headlines for November 14th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)...  

Here's a question that's not difficult to answer for anyone who leans right politically. Who do you have more confidence in to carry out their policy promises? 

A. McConnell B. Ryan C. Trump 

Here's another question that's probably just as easy. Let's say you were going into battle and you could only pick one Republican leader to go with you into battle. Do you take...

A. McConnell B. Ryan C. Trump 

The only reason it's notable information, that Trump outperforms Republicans in Congress, is due to the MSM mindset that the Republican establishment is somehow preferable to President Trump. That's true of course if you really don't want any of the conservative agenda achieved. Find me a Clinton voter and I'll show you someone who prefers the GOP establishment politically. Of course, the GOP establishment will be the enemy again as soon as Trump isn't perceived to be a threat to the status quo any longer.  

This isn't a friendly piece for the President but it is on point. Get on with your life and control what you can control. I didn't exactly enjoy the political outcomes of the eight years of Obama but I didn't exactly wait for it to simply end before getting on with my life. Even if you're opposed to President Trump but you're a bit open-minded you can see that it's not exactly all bad out there... 

  • Lowest base unemployment rate in nearly 17 years 
  • Lowest real unemployment rate in 11 years 
  • Best economic growth in 12 years 
  • tied for the best wage growth in ten years 
  • Record stock market performance 

If this is what suffering politically is like for someone on the left - it could be a lot worse... 

Might be important food for thought right?  

Until tomorrow... 

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