What we want for the holidays:

What we want for the holidays: 

Bottom Line: If you're still wrapping your brain around the idea of Thanksgiving being only eight days away this will probably be a bit more challenging to digest. We're only 27 days away from Hanukkah and 39 days away from Christmas (and yes, it'll be 2018 in fewer than 50 days). Anyway, it's about that time to start working on the gifts that you'll need to account for and as for the ever-challenging question of what to buy...? Here's the annual "want" list from WalletHub.com 

#1: Gift cards: 41% 

#2: Clothes & Electronics: 15% 

#4: Books (including eBooks): 10% 

#5: Furniture/Appliances: 9% 

#6: Toys & Jewelry: 5% 

It looks like we're generally being pretty easy. Gift cards have led the list for many years now and there are a number low maintenance options on our wish list this year. Notably it appears as though most of us have the electronics that we already want and there aren't many people hoping for Jewelry either. Now what we say and what we buy are often on slightly difference pages but many retailers are already a little concerned that many less expensive items (gift cards, clothes, books) are leading many lists over the more expensive electronics and Jewelry. Something tells me this will be another shopping season in which many will do as much buying for themselves as for those on their lists.   



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