Important headlines for November 16th:

Important headlines for November 16th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)...  

Excerpt: North Korea has conducted no nuclear tests and has fired no missiles since September 15. Despite earlier threats to launch missiles toward Guam and to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, Kim Jong-un has limited his most recent behavior to hurling personal insults at the U.S. president.  

This has been a consistent point I've been making with regard to NoKo. It's now been over two months since Kim Jung Un engaged in provocation. A quick check back in the President's Twitter feed reveals that President Trump indicated after the action taken on September 15th (lobbing another ICBM over Japan), that we'd obliterate North Korea if we had to. Probably not a coincidence. And again to the crowd who cower daily to the thought of the President they don't trust with the nuclear codes. If you buy your own BS you're actually demonstrating why the US would be safer with a lower likelihood of further provocation by despots like Kim Jung Un. Everyone knew Obama and his "red-lines" were backed by empty words and zero backbone and that's why North Korea is a threat to begin with (along with that JV team known as ISIS that killed a 100,000+ innocent people). If you really think Trump might fire a nuke without reservation that's quintessential "peace through strength". 

Well, it's only been 18 years since she publicly accused the proven sexual deviant known as President Clinton of rape. Congratulations for deciding now that you'd potentially take her claims seriously rather than attempting to smear her as the New York Times and other allies of the Clinton administration did at the time. It's nice and convenient that you finally seem to care. If it helps you to make your case to attempt to bury Roy Moore to attempt to flip the Senate it's worth it right? I'm not sure if even House of Cards is as depraved as you people. 

Here's the thing. Are we actually a country of laws that matter any longer? Do we actually believe that we're equal under them? We literally had the DNC's attorney turn over documents demonstrating that the Obama campaign, Clinton campaign and DNC broke a minimum of three federals laws recently. How is this even a question? And btw, that doesn't even include the evidence submitted on the Uranium One conspiracy which is the subject of this piece.  

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