Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for December 7th:

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Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for December 7th:   

Bottom Line: These are your daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous (GSS) media...    

Nice try. There's an effort underway to suggest that if Moore wins he'll become the face of the Republican party and they'll be shamed into defeat in 2018. In other words, the effort by GSS media types is to attempt to lure Alabama's voters away from Roy Moore because the Republicans will lose next year if he wins this election. First, things, first. Folks from the south aren't dumb because they talk differently than you. Second, you're hypocritical to the core. Bill Clinton & JFK were great President's, right? Roy Moore appears to have been at least a creepy guy 40 or so years ago but he doesn't even get to intern on teams Clinton & Kennedy. Save the hypocrisy. Third, are you seriously attempting to advance the narrative that whatever portrait of Roy Moore you can project will surpass that of President Trump? You're not to be taken seriously as a person. 

This story (which I think presents a fairly absurd headline/situation that's spiraled into something bigger than should have ever happened actually) presented me with an occasion to address this note from a listener who posed this to me after my comments yesterday: 

This morning I was listening and heard you suggest that Jack Phillips (Cake controversy) was ridiculous and why should he care who he sells his product to. You must not know the whole story. He had no issue with selling them any baked items he had, but they wanted him to make a custom cake that promoted and celebrated the gay marriage. That would be like someone asking you to do a voiceover for an anti-Catholic radio spot. Surely you would do that, would you? Just saying... its not about the product, it about the right to live and operate your business according to your own conscience. 

No, I'd never endorse an anti-Catholic message. My endorsement isn't for available for sale. I retain 100% control over whether or not I personally choose to endorse a company, organization or message. Conversely, to your example, if an organization purchased an advertising schedule from the radio station and complied with all guidelines and the company refused to air it...that might be potentially analogous.  

The station accepts advertising that I personally disagree with frequently. Many more of the messages are competing with companies I do endorse. And they're not an endorsement of the messages by iHeart either. It's simply the platform and medium that's being used to communicate the messaging.  

What I'm suggesting is that the business owner isn't having to endorse gay marriage simply because his business prepared a cake with messaging. He seemingly choose to make it one in the same, which on one hand I understand. My business was my baby too but on the other hand there's a level of pragmatism that I think should be deployed from time to time as well. Don't get me wrong I still think it's far more absurd that the lawsuit was filed, let alone reaching the Supreme Court in the first place but I think that both sides let this one go too far. 

Oh it's painful. Once again the United States isn't a Democracy. Try understanding our system of government before advancing a bunch of propaganda. Additionally, yeah fatally wounded alright. 

  • Lowest unemployment in 16 years and eleven months 

  • Best wage growth in over ten years 

  • Record high stock prices  

  • Record high 401k's and investment accounts 

  • Fastest growth economy in 12 years 

Please someone stop the pain from this fatal wound... 

Until tomorrow... 


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