Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for March 8th

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for March 8th   

Bottom Line: These are the daily doses of nonsense in the media and my hot takes on them...    

Excerpt: U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos held a number of "listening sessions" at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, but some students weren't happy with the visit.

Hot Take: Let me ask you... what's the purpose of that headline and lead line? It's text book bias meant to undermine the premise of the visit. It's also espousing text book bigotry. As a reminder here's the definition: 




  • a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. 

So, the point of your story is what, that some students at the school are bigots? That you're a bigot and hiding behind kids to advance your own bigotry? Both? Here's a headline for you. Taxpayer pays obscene taxes for education and isn't happy with the results. You don't like Betsy DeVos because she believes that, heaven forbid, taxpayers have a choice in what school their child attends. Well I'll do you one better. I'd like to see the whole department eliminated permanently. The US was 2nd in education world-wide when the department was established in 1979 and we're 17th today. So there, let's eliminate Betsy and whole department with her... But let's be real for a moment - you nor other bigots acknowledge that truth or that your biggest concern isn't really education but rather political outcomes. Because if education were really the concern you might be interested in what she has to say but because she stands for something that threatens public education's failing monopoly over families who can't afford other schools - that's a problem. It's pretty lame to hide behind kids to advance bigotry but I can't say I'm surprised. Politics above all else right?' 

Hot Take: It's funny when contrasted with the previous headline. The top education official in the country visits the school and that's a problem but by God a basketball star visits the school and all's right with the world... No misplaced priorities here... Btw, this isn't meant as a slight to Wade - it was a great gesture by him and through his foundation he's aided in educational efforts for years but to the premise of the political nonsense.  

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