Important headlines for March 29th

Important headlines for March 29th  

Bottom Line: These are stories you don't want to miss and my hot takes on them...    

Hot Take: Hold on, you mean that if we only account for legal citizens the political makeup of this country would be different!? That's one heck of an admission isn't it. But that's not the only admission. Here's an excerpt: 

Several months ago, a Census Bureau researcher warned that test surveys ahead of the 2020 Census were already showing “unprecedented” levels of concern from immigrants, who fear that answering the survey could lead to deportation, though that would be an illegal use of the data. 

Well thank God for that Census researcher, right? Who else is going to ensure that federal criminals help shape future elections and get their share of federal resources and assistance from legal tax payers? Sound absurd? Is that a little too direct for you? What's happened to this country that it's even remotely controversial to ask if one's a citizen on a government form? That's really how far lost many in the country are. That it's A. controversial and B. An injustice, especially when the people that are being defended are literally a federal injustice. The current estimate for the number of illegal immigrants in the US is 11.1 million. To put that in perspective in the context of the Census...  

Illegal immigrants would be the 8th largest state. Just behind Ohio and just ahead of Georgia... meaning that the impact on federal elections, resources, etc. is greater than 42 other actual states. That this is even a conversation, let alone a controversy that states are suing over shows how out-of-control this has become and how imperative it is to remain politically engaged in every election cycle.  

Could #MarchForOurLives Be a Setback for Gun Control? Michael Graham, CBS News  

Excerpt: For a non-partisan rally against gun violence, there was an awful lot of messaging about a Republican President and GOP elected officials like Sen. Marco Rubio. As student speaker Sarah Chadwick put it: "We will no longer be hunted down and treated like prey by politicians who simply don't care about us." 

David Hogg was even more explicit: "The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia…To those politicians supported by the NRA, that allow the continued slaughter of our children and our future, I say: Get your résumés ready." 

"Corruption?" "Slaughter?"  "Hunted prey?" This is the sort of language one would expect to hear directed at the Parkland attacker and other gun-wielding criminals.  These killers were rarely mentioned. Instead, the vitriol was directed at Republican lawmakers and the people who vote for them, people who "put guns ahead of our kids," was the common refrain.  Or as one sign read "Our Blood, Your Hands." 

And then there was the NRA. 

"NRA = Murder" signs were widespread at Saturday's rally, along with "The NRA Supports Terrorists" and "[Expletive] the NRA." At least one rally featured chants of "Hey, Hey, NRA—How many kids did you kill today?"

Hot Take: So, yeah - you think that some law-abiding people might take exception to a little of that? Think those kids know that the average legal gun owner is 50% more lawful than the average non-gun owner? Think that some people who've fought for their freedom to espouse ignorance and vitriol might not appreciate the message? And this is the point. It's no surprise that reports have emerged that NRA memberships and support are soaring. The media won't give the average American a microphone. In fact, apparently organizers of the event wouldn't even give students who had diversity of thought on gun control, a microphone let alone the average American. So, supporting the NRA is a way to vote. To be heard. It's how the silent majority has always had to go about it because of a bigoted and willful MSM.  

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