Biometric update - The end of usernames & passwords

Biometric update - By the end of this year your fingerprint can be your password online 

Bottom Line: If you never had to use a username or password to access an account would you be happy? Me too. Recently I shared an update on biometrics in the workplace (over 60% of large companies are making the move to replace usernames and passwords with biometrics - fingerprints and/or facial recognition). Here's the update...  So are two of the three most prominent technology companies with their web browsers.  

Google and Microsoft are working to add support to the Chrome and Edge browsers using WebAuthn, a leading biometrics company. Word is they could have the option available as soon as a few months from now. Should that happen, we'll be a major step closer to the end of the traditional username and password. Already most mobile devices activated have the ability for biometrics. Many apps are enabled as well. With a majority of online traffic now coming from mobile devices, it's a natural next step to add it to traditional browsers. The caveat of course is that you'd need a computer and/or add on that could enable you to use a fingerprint or facial recognition (the facial recognition would be the easiest with most computers now containing a built-in camera).  

As I recently mentioned with the workplace biometrics update, the sooner we get to biometrics as the norm, the better the experience for everyone. It's more secure, it's not a pain and it's much quicker and easier. It's seems like 2018 is an important transitional year as we look to put usernames and passwords in the rear-view mirror and usher in the era of biometric ID.



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