Want to instantly improve your work? Stop doing the bad stuff

Want to instantly improve your work? Stop doing the bad stuff 

Bottom Line: A former boss of mine (who's now a top exec at iHeart) had a saying that the easiest way to improve is to "stop doing the bad stuff". It sounds simple but it's kinda brilliant. Trying to lose weight and keep it off is hard. Choosing not to eat another donut isn't. Cut out some bad stuff and instantly whatever you're working on gets better. With that in mind there's a ton of research these days on habits that hurt us – mostly by killing our productivity at work. A recent piece by Money put several into focus. Here're five that are proven to instantly improve your work if you try them. 

  • Doing your easiest work first 

  • Checking your email constantly 

  • Keeping your phone in your line of sight 

  • Waiting until you're tired to take a break and move around 

  • Using social media that's not directly related to work 

There's a good chance that you're guilty of at least a few of them... I know I am. If you even change one – let alone all of them – you'll get better because you stopped doing the bad stuff.



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