Cutting through Facebook's new rules... Here's what's banned

Cutting through Facebook's new rules... Here's what's banned  

Bottom Line: It's hard enough to keep up with the changes in your newsfeed on Facebook, let alone the policy changes and clarifications, in the wake of the data scandal. Facebook issued a 27-page document explaining the changes. I'm guessing that about as many people read that document as did the terms and conditions agreed to, to use the service. I get it. So, cutting straight to the chase here's what's no longer allowed on Facebook.  

  • Any criminal behavior  

  • Glorification of criminal behavior 

  • Mocking or threatening another person 

  • Violence depicted or any threats of violence 

  • Nudity – this includes infants and toddlers (exceptions include breastfeeding, protesting) 

The biggest changes to previous policy include: 

  • The glorification of criminal behavior – rather than just the depiction of it.  

  • The expansion of personal threats that now include "mocking" - that's kind of an open-ended word in the context of Facebook. It'll be interesting to see how closely that's enforced as I've seen what I'd call "mocking" of certain individuals near every day 

  • The expansion of nudity to include, apparently, even those baby butts (yet carving out exceptions for protesting) 

Yesterday I shared the story that YouTube's changes in policy resulted in an additional (near) 90,000 videos being removed daily. It'll be interesting to see what these changes will mean going forward, but based on Facebook's recent woes, there's a real chance they'll be far more aggressive in enforcement of these policies than perhaps they had been previously.  



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