Important headlines for April 27th – Traffic Trauma in SFL

Important headlines for April 27th  Traffic Trauma in SFL 

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Excerpt: If you feel like your South Florida commute seems increasingly hellish these days, you're not alone. 

Over the past decade, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties have seen a whopping increase of almost 29 percent in the share of commuters who travel at least 90 minutes to get to work. That is one of the largest increases in America among big cities. 

By comparison, Atlanta saw just a 14 percent increase between 2005 and 2016, while New York jumped only 15 percent. 

The data, compiled by, brings South Florida in line with the national share of Americans now making "supercommutes." As of 2016, 2.7 percent of South Florida commuters were traveling at least 90 minutes to get to work. 

Hot Take: Well hopefully you aren't part of the 2.7%, but even if it's not taking you an hour and a half, it's almost certainly taking you longer to get to and from work. The difference is extremely noticeable over the years if your commute is the same. In the past five years here's the population growth by county: 

  • Palm Beach County +93,000 

  • Broward +95,000  

  • Miami-Dade +108,000.  

That's 300 thousand additional people over just five years ago in the tri-county area not factoring in the increase in tourism and its impact on our roads. This is but one of the many reasons it's sensible to give Brightline every opportunity to succeed. The commutes are already brutal for many it without alternatives it's guaranteed to get worse.  

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