Hysterical Headlines for May 1st - NRA hypocrisy or Secret Service policy?

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 1st - NRA hypocrisy or Secret Service policy? 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them 

Hot Take: Is this the standard operating procedure now? The news media going to students for their "official" views on any related gun control, security, NRA, etc.? First, and I mean this question with absolute sincerity, does the Secret Service care what anyone's opinion of their security policies happen to be? Let alone students. This is typical conflating of issues. First you have the media once again using kids as political weapons (by virtue of turning to them to advance their political agenda against the NRA and the 2nd amendment more generally). Second you have the secret service asserting its policy which has nothing to do with NRA policy or typical rights to bear arms.  

Federal law grants the secret service authority superseding the policy of any state or local government pertaining to guns whenever they're present. It's also not the least bit hypocritical as a matter of inconvenient truth to both the Sentinel advancing this agenda by politicized children. Anyone who's ever been screened by the secret service knows that it's the policy of the secret service not to allow anyone but their agents to be armed at any event they're protecting. They don't allow knives either by the way. What's more is that this isn't anything new.  

The secret service hasn't allowed guns at the NRA events previously when they've been on hand – including President Trump's speech last year. But why perpetuate facts and sense when you can advance a political agenda and hide behind kids to do it?  

Hot Take: And this is news because? I'm not exactly sure why Kanye would be called a hero by anyone anyway (although being willing to stand up to the bigots in the media and the entertainment industry might be kinda close to heroic) but thanks for the story. My day is more complete knowing that Emma Gonzalez doesn't evidently think Kanye West is her hero. Back to you.   

Hot Take: I've decided that I prefer Ashley Judd as my nasty woman of choice.  

Until tomorrow...          

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