Important headlines for May 1st - Nobel Peace by the disrupter?

Important headlines for May 1st - Nobel Peace by the disrupter? 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: President Obama gave a speech and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Literally. President Trump has accomplished just a bit more without the same type of consideration yet. Regardless of the Nobel committee's action, in the real world, the South Koren President Moon Jae-in thinks President Trump should win it. Once again, another key foreign leader crediting President Trump in a way in which not a single elected Democrat has for example. The fact remains that President Trump's has made tremendous progress on foreign policy in 15 months. Among the dramatic shifts in foreign policy: 

  • Isis's conquered territory has almost been completely reclaimed with its military funding/ infrastructure having been crushed 

  • Built a multi-national collation to carry out a successful mission against the Assad regime in Syria when chemical warfare was once again used without causing an escalation of activity with Russia, Iran and Turkey 

  • Successfully paused the provocation by Kim Jung Un in North Korea with the potential to denuclearize North Korea 

  • Announced and are in the process of relocating the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem  

  • Took action against China for currency manipulation, stolen IP of American businesses and in response to Chinese tariffs  

Not bad for a first year. In fact, it's arguable that as good as the President's economic policies have been, his foreign policy advances have been his most impressive work thus far.  

Excerpt: In the last two weeks, stunning developments, one right after another, have suggested the possibility that the Korean War armistice will be turned into a peace treaty, North Korea will surrender its most destructive weapons, and the two Koreas will merge into one state. 

How did peace break out in perhaps the world’s most troubled region? You can thank, in large measure, President Donald Trump. That does not mean, however, that he will be able to turn the promising situation he created into an enduring peace. In short, Trump the disrupter must become Trump the disciplined leader.

Hot Take: I find it fascinating how people still tell President Trump "how it's done, or how it needs to be done". Trump the disrupter is the solution, not just the change agent. Too many people pay too much attention to rhetoric and very little on action. If you look at President Trump's body of work via actions, it's very much the picture of a disciplined leader. Actions speaking louder than words has never been truer. Too many in media haven't figured out how to separate the two to evaluate how he's been effective (personally, professionally or as President for that matter). 

Until tomorrow... 

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