Man Accused Of Threatening To Murder Martin County Sheriff William Snyder

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder

A man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to murder Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.  

Investigators say 40-year old Thomas Lazarro made a number of calls to Stuart Police as well as the Sheriff's Office in Martin last month.  In one of them, the man said he is Marco Rubio's nephew and the Sheriff's going to get killed.  

In other calls Lazarro asked if Snyder's address is public record and states "I'm coming to murder him. Tell him he's dead today." 

Officials say he also claimed to be a reporter with the New York Times, doing a documentary on racism in Martin County and needed his jail records. 

The man was traced to the west coast of Florida, but officials say he started driving east and deputies in Broward County tracked him down and had him baker acted.  Lazarro is now at the Martin County jail where he is being held without bond.

Photo: Martin County Sheriff's Office

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