Stuff we do early that's best done late in our day

Stuff we do early that's best done late in our day 

Bottom Line: We're pretty much all creatures of habit to one extent or another. That means that on a given workday you're almost certain to go through the same routine almost every day. If those habits set us up for success, that's great. For example, you're probably aware that it's best to exercise early if possible. But what if there were habits that most of us do early in the day that we'd benefit from most if we did them at night? Time's Money studied this topic and found habits that most of us are more inclined to do in the morning that would be best to do at night. I homed in on a few that I felt were especially instructive.  

  • Washing our faces 

  • Using mouthwash 

  • Eating yogurt 

  • Applying deodorant  

That's a bit of an eclectic mix of habits isn't it? There's actually a consistent theme that runs through all of them. The positive impact of these actions at a time of maximum benefit. I'll quickly walk through all of them. You may wash your face at night and morning, but research has shown that on balance more people wash their faces early rather than late. The benefit of washing your face is super-straight forward. Any impurities on your face will be sitting there for an extended period of time, moreover, your skin rejuvenates/heals itself when you sleep. If you have impurities on your face specifically it inhibits the process.  

When it comes to mouthwash... Brushing your teeth is great but using mouthwash at night after brushing is best. For those who use mouthwash they're more likely to do so in the morning, but the max benefit comes at night. If you use mouthwash last, your mouth will still be coated, and you'll retain the benefit (fighting bacteria and tooth decay) throughout the night. And then there's the yogurt. We've all been told it's not a good idea to eat late in the day, but this appears to be an exception. The good bacteria of yogurt has shown the ability to help improve your immune system while you're resting. And then there's the deodorant. It's likely still a good idea (for those around you especially) to use it in the morning but using it at night allows it to sink into your pores and regulate in a way that often isn't the case when we're on the go during the day. So, there you go... A few habits to work on reversing for your health! 

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