We prefer local politics and other key takeaways from our collective views

We prefer local politics and other key takeaways from our collective views of government 

Bottom Line: The Pew Research Center wrapped up a revealing study on what we like in government (yes there is something), what we don't and how it's impacting our everyday lives – in our opinions. It's revealing 

First, what government are you happiest with generally? Local, state, federal? Pew found that a solid majority of Americans view their state and local politicians favorably (67%) compared to just 35% who view the federal government positively. It makes some degree of sense because there's a better chance of our local and state governments being more reflective of us but as we know local elections have the lowest turnout followed by state elections with federal elections far and away having the highest turnout (42% for midterms & 61% for Presidential elections compared to 18% for local only elections). In other words, we're more inclined to vote for something we evidently want to change as compared to something we'd like to keep the same at the local level.  

Second, a solid majority, 67%, of Americans feel that their values are losing at the federal level. That's part of the reason why majorities don't, regardless of political persuasion, feel good about the federal government currently. But maybe that's a testament to the checks and balances working at the federal level – even with single party control.  

Third, we're only becoming more partisan. For a first time on record a majority of all partisan's view compromise negatively. Just 46% of Democrats and 44% of Republicans view compromise positively. So, arguably the increased partisanship in Washington is actually reflective of those being represented. Whether it's necessarily what's best for our country generally 

Here's the final note for the study that's instructive... We're still allowing ourselves to be heavily influenced day to day by the President. 63% say the President sets the mood of the country with 34% saying the President makes a regular difference in their everyday life.  

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