Hysterical Headlines for May 4th - The Comey Show hits South Florida

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 4th - The Comey Show hits South Florida & Free "thought" is over-rated 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them  

Excerpt: James Comey never wanted to write a book. The thought of signing onto that kind of "ego deal" seemed unbearable. 

"And then I got fired," Comey told nearly 2,000 supporters in Miami on Wednesday, where the former FBI director visited to promote the book he’d eventually write. He told the audience he’d make a "crappy candidate" because he couldn’t embellish reality the way a good candidate is expected to do, or ask for money. Comey was not reticent in criticizing the National Rifle Association, a group that he said "sells fear" to gun owners. 

Hot Take: Is Comey now doing standup? He never wanted to enter and "ego deal"? Lol, the most visible FBI director of the past 50 because he made himself the story how many times during the 2016 election cycle didn't want an "ego deal"?  

And he has "supporters" now? A former FBI director with "supporters"? Does that speak to something being way off too? But then we're told that he "couldn't embellish reality"? What, other than that time you perjured yourself before Congress last year? Or when you failed to tell the FISA court that a fraudulent dossier funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign was used to help obtain a warrant? Or when you told the President about the allegations of the dossier but not that it was fraudulent DNC and Clinton paid for propaganda? 

We need to bring back Trump's lyin' Ted routine and retrofit it for Comey 

Hot Take: It fascinating to see what happens to someone in entertainment when they choose to think for themselves. It's also another exercise in hypocritical hilarity. The same people on the left didn't say boo when Kanye said "George Bush don't like black people" during a Katrina fundraiser but have a huge problem with him saying Trump's his boy.  

Until tomorrow...    

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