It’s Star Wars Day "May The 4th Be With You" - Ways To Celebrate

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“Star Wars” geeks, we mean fans, rejoice! It’s “Star Wars Day,” when you might hear someone say “May the fourth be with you.” It’s May 4th, but somewhere along the way someone figured out that “fourth” sounds like “force,” as in the famous “Star Wars” line “May the FORCE be with you.” 

So now some restaurants offer specials and throughout the world, fans are dressing in character. So, don’t be surprised if you spot a Wookie. 

Major League Baseball is joining in on the fun. The New York Yankees will give out Aaron Judge Jedi bobble heads and other teams may do similar things to honor the “galaxy far, far away” today as well.

Click Here for a pretty cool list of 6 ways you can celebrate.

Photo: Getty Images

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