Hysterical Headlines for May 8th - Media destruction & an unhappy history

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 8th - Media destruction & an unhappy history  

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them  

Hot Take: This is an odd case of a story that doesn't seem like it could possibly end well. But what if the media, Obama's, role in the Travon Martin case is what created this version of George? We'd never heard of him previous to that fateful night. Something appears to be vastly different and pretty unsettling 

Excerpt: Planned Parenthood has grown into a political force. Its ranks have ballooned (from 3 million supporters to over 11 million), along with its fundraising, political clout, and public profile. A March poll by Fox News put the group’s favorability numbers at 58 percent. (An NBC poll put it at a similar level of 52 percent.) 

Of course, as Richards is the first to acknowledge, the organization grew bigger and stronger during her tenure in part because it was under near-constant attack. Forget the not-so-women-friendly Trump administration. Planned Parenthood has long been a favorite target of Republican politicians looking to please their base.  

Hot Take: It must be fun to write stories with a premise you never address. Aside from the obvious here's the fact of Planned Parenthood. It was created as a means to bring birth control to black communities as part of what was called "The Negro Project" by Margert Sanger. Anyone who doesn't know that doesn't know it's history. So yes, in that sense it was meant to be controversial. Just not in the way that it was communicated in the article. But Sanger's a hero and that Trump, wow how awful right? Btw, if Trump is not-so-women friendly would it at least be safe to say that Planned Parenthood is at least not baby friendly? 

Hot Take: Trump'll tell you... Witch Hunt! We have someone on a book tour with more documented illegal activity, in his own words (let alone the FISA warrant conspiracy stuff), than everything Flynn was indicted for...fun isn't it? 

Until tomorrow... 

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