Hysterical Headlines for May 9th - What's the definition of Anniversary?

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 9th - What's the definition of Anniversary? 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them  

  • Tomorrow is the anniversary – Florida Democrats 

Excerpt: Tomorrow marks one month since Rick Scott announced he’s running for Senate. His super PAC backers and dark-money funders are dumping money into his war chest at a blistering pace. 

Tomorrow at midnight will mark the end of his first month in the Senate race: help us square off against Rick Scott and prove that Florida Democrats have the strength to fight him off in November. 

Rick Scott has been yanking Florida to the extreme right for too long — but now, with Trump in the White House, Scott in the Senate would just be too destructive.

Hot Take: This was from a fundraising email sent out by Florida Democrats yesterday. Having absurd hyperbole in campaign emails is nothing new. And ordinarily I wouldn't take the time to cite one because serious people would be intellectually insulted by the low hanging fear-based fruit perpetuated in these things. But this one was just too much. Tomorrow is the one-month anniversary? Anyone see something wrong with this picture? Do you aspire to perpetuate this level of ignorance to the rest of us (or is that already happening in the schools)? But I guess that's to be expected by those who perpetuate banning "assault weapons". 

Hot Take: First this guy blows his election projections in a spectacular fashion and now we have the Nixon reference because Trump's polling has been steady and improving. Nate Silver has reached the point to where he probably shouldn't be taken seriously as a person attempting to be taken seriously. It is funny watching desperate people on the left freak out over Trump's rising ratings. 

Until tomorrow... 

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