Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 10th - Florida Tag troubles

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 10th - Florida Tag troubles  

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them  

Excerpt: Florida drivers beware: an appeals court has ruled that none of the lettering on vehicle license plates can be obscured by frames or anything else. The 3rd District Court of Appeal decision Wednesday came in the case of a driver who was stopped by an officer because the words"MyFlorida.com" were obscured by a frame.

Hot Take: This likely won't be a popular opinion but... Good! Why do we have license plates? For political messages? To seem cool? To create creative messages? To advertise for car dealers? For an incredibly inefficient way to contribute to a charity? I mean the point is identification, right? I'm not attempting to impugn those who participate in some of the aforementioned because it's been enabled. And if you're inclined to give the government something they're inclined to find a way to take it from you – hence the vanity plates. But there's only one purpose that has nothing to do with anything but ensuring a tag be identified as needed. Anything that inhibits that process doesn't belong in my view and in this case the 3rd District Court of Appeals. We'll see where it goes. 

Hot Take: It's not even that Susan Rice wrote a headline and an op ed that was proved to be dead wrong by the time she'd had it published (via the North Korean success on back of the show of strength and seriousness that Trump's foreign policy commands). It's that it's Susan freaking Rice being granted credibility by the New York Times. In the grand scheme of a corrupt and dishonest Clinton-led state department she was the chief liar. Based on her weeks' worth of lies about Bengasi she should be ashamed to emerge publicly let alone retain any degree of credibility. I'd like to know what the families of those killed by the actions of her state department's neglect and lies have to say about her credibility on foreign policy. Frankly Kim Jung Un is more trustworthy at the moment. 

Hot Take: George Zimmerman, troubled as he may be, should probably be pursuing slander charges about now.   

Until tomorrow... 

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