Important headlines for May 11th – Gun Control not the driving force in Flo

Important headlines for May 11th – Gun Control not the driving force in Florida after all? 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Exceprt: Gun control might not be as powerful an issue as many people expected after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre, a new poll shows. 

In the survey, the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiativeasked 1,000 registered voters to identify “the most important issue in the upcoming elections.” 

Gun-control policy was picked by 12 percent — far behind immigration, cited by 23 percent, and health care, cited by 20 percent. The gun issue was statistically tied with the economy, picked by 13 percent. 

Hot Take: Surprised? I'm not for two important reasons. First, I recently shared Gallup's findings on gun control. It showed that nationally just 6% of Americans view additional gun control as a top issue. That might be higher in Florida due to the shooting at Stoneman Douglas but here's the next point... We already had comprehensive gun control passed in our state that included all of the reforms that majorities of Floridians favored. For those bent on a bigger agenda that might be enough but repealing the 2nd amendment also isn't a mainstream position (except perhaps covertly by many in the media).  

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