Who we're tipping, how much we're tipping & how Florida ranks

Updated: Who we're tipping, how much we're tipping & how Florida ranks 

Bottom Line: A lot's changed overtime and with technology. Five years ago, what was UBER? Two years ago, you didn't tip an UBER driver. Today the question's how much to tip the UBER driver. And that's but one example. Discover just wrapped up a study on tipping and there's a lot of interesting takeaways about professions that most Americans (who use the services) tip and how much we tip.  

Here they are...  

  • Takeout cashier4% 

  • Casino dealer: 6% 

  • Ride-sharing driver: 8% 

  • Taxi driver: 9% 

  • Nail technician: 10% 

  • Room service attendant: 10% 

  • Housekeeper: 10% 

  • Valet: 10% 

  • Golf cart attendant: 10% 

  • Aesthetician: 11% 

  • Food delivery driver: 12% 

  • Massage professional: 12% 

  • Mover: 12% 

  • Hairstylist: 13% 

  • Server: 16% 

And they also broke out tipping generosity by state. How generous do you think Floridians are? If you guessed a little cheaper than average, you'd be right. The average tip for a server is 15.2%, for example, slightly below average. Meanwhile the most generous state for tipping is Wyoming at 22% and the cheapest state is Arkansas at 10.6%.  

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