Hysterical Headlines for May 14th - Now we need Illegal gun control?

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 14th - Now we need Illegal gun control? 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: Wow just, wow @JamesShawJr9 lots of work ahead but the young people will win (David Hogg)

Hot Take: Based on the meeting with James Shaw and several of the Stoneman Douglas activists it's clear they're on the same page politically. That's all well and good. That's where the similarities end. James Shaw is a true hero who doubtlessly saved lives with his incredibly brave actions. David Hogg, in contrast, is one who's chosen to use his proximity to a horrific act to elevate his political message and personal profile. There's nothing wrong with that btw, but it's troubling that nowhere in the article is that point established. Or this one... The gun used by the Waffle House shooter was illegally obtained. That seems to be a crucial omition by the author, editor and Hogg/other activists. Plus, what's the implication of that tweet? The young people will win? So, now the suggestion by Hogg is that adults that don't adhere to his worldview stand in opposition to "young people"? And that's also not called into question by anyone in media perpetuating this story.  

I'll tell you what I do stand opposition to. Agendas advanced as news. Omitting key information that'd demonstrate the effort politicize the Waffle House shooting is based on a false narrative. The desire to personally capitalize on tragedy.  

Hot Take: A) George Will has lost his mind B) If that's the case we'd all be screwed  

Hot Take: You're not believable as a person who covers politics. And btw, that's not even intended as a slight against McCain. Congress is comprised of 535 members. He's one of them and wasn't even the leader of either body. By definition, it's simply not possible for him to be the greatest. But hey he's a hero and he's not a fan of Trump. That'll do, right? 

Until tomorrow...     

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