Important headlines for May 15th - The US Embassy's arrival in Jerusalem –

Important headlines for May 15th - The US Embassy's arrival in Jerusalem – through the lens of Israeli's  

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: The opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem justifiably is being called a “game changer” and “historic.” Seventy years after the State of Israel was born and 51 years after the reunification of the capital, the US, the only world superpower, is not only recognizing Jerusalem’s integral importance to Israel, the Jewish state, but acting on that recognition. This sends out several important messages, not least of which is the importance of not giving in to terror. 

Some people have voiced opposition to the move on the grounds that it might give rise to a wave of Palestinian or Islamist terrorism in Israel or against Jewish or American targets abroad. Had US President Donald Trump accepted this line of thought, it would have only encouraged and rewarded terrorism instead of diplomacy. In what future scenario can negotiations take place with the Palestinians under a constant threat that they will step up terrorism if they don’t get exactly what they want?  

The US Embassy move rights an historic wrong and makes clear the terms of any future peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. It removes from the agenda the question of Israel’s status regarding Jerusalem, which houses its parliament, Supreme Court, President’s Residence, almost all government ministries and, of course, the Jewish holy sites. It is encouraging to note that now that the US has led the way, other countries are following suit: Guatemala, Paraguay and Honduras are all expected to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem in the near future. 

Hot Take: I felt it important to go straight to the leading news agency in Jerusalem to gain perspective. It speaks for itself. In a separate story today I have the breakdown of the average American's view of the North Korean developments. History is taking place in multiple countries around the world. The Trump administration's resolve would appear to be yielding fast, meaningful actions that have the potential to be defining for generations to come. More's still unclear than clear but the potential for the most significant foreign policy advances since Reagan are all on the table right now in China, North Korea, Syria and Israel.  

Excerpt: People likely to be the most hurt by the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Monday that green-lights legalized betting on sports in states across America: 

The sportsbook industry in Las Vegas and Nevada, whose longtime monopoly on legalized gambling is about to disappear. People with a wagering problem who'll now be more tempted than ever. And personal bookies everywhere (sorry, Vinnie down at the bar) whose illicit occupation faces sudden extinction. 

People likely to benefit most by this major ruling: 

Pretty much everybody else, particularly those who love sports not just for the artful athleticism or spirit of competition, but also for the opportunity to parlay that love into a buck or three. 

Hot Take: We've been rife with contradiction in this country, in our state, etc. When it comes to gambling. You can't bet on sports...unless it's in Vegas (that makes sense right?). Gambling generally is dangerous and a public risk unless it's a state lottery or on an Indian Reservation. Seriously? Which btw, that's the next bit of hypocrisy that should fall. I don't say any of this because I'm desirous of gambling myself... I don't gamble and have zero interest. It's intellectually honest and consistent policy. Something we could use more of in this country.  

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