These are the most marketable skills in the workforce right now

These are the most marketable skills in the workforce right now 

Bottom Line: As the preeminent social source for professionals, and specifically recruiters, LinkedIn is on the front end of changes in the work place, including the skills that are most in demand professionally. Recently they produced a report breaking out the skills that'll set you up for the most success professionally currently.  

  • Leadership – simply put there's often a dearth of good management and leadership in normal economic times – which means there's a significant shortage currently 

  • Communication skills – we've heard of communication issues associated with the digital generation & we're here. Being able to effectively communicate professionally is as important as ever. Especially in collaborative environments.  

  • Time-Management – distractions are everywhere and cutting through them to stay on track to effectively meet deadlines with high quality work is increasingly rare 

  • Cloud computing – Gone are the days of knowing Microsoft Word and Excel (outside of the cloud). Now we're into mastering 365 in the cloud as a starting point for cloud-based business needs. For business professionals this is the mostly commonly desired specific skill requirement.  

  • Ability to work across platforms - Specifically, the ability to work on mobile devices as effectively as a computer and the ability to work on Google platform's and Apple's without missing a beat 

  • Knowledge of SEO/digital marketing - The ability to incorporate that information into regular tasks to best position your company/work 

It's funny putting all of this together. I started in an industry that Marconi created and every one of those characteristics is desired/needed every day in what I do. It doesn't surprise me that these skills are the most in demand generally.  

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