What's next for sports betting? Where states stand - including Florida

What's next for sports betting? Where states stand - including Florida 

Bottom Line: It's a given that we're about to rapidly see an expansion of sports gambling across the country. Especially in advance of the football season starting – the most popular sport for gambling in this country. Without a doubt the six states involved in the lawsuit will soon have sports betting in place. Those states are... 

  • Connecticut 

  • Mississippi 

  • New Jersey 

  • New York 

  • Pennsylvania 

  • West Virginia 

You might imagine that a number of other states will soon want in on the action (tax revenue) and will move forward with new legislation as well. What states are in that second tier? There are thirteen additional states that already have proposals that've been drafted at the state level: 

  • California 

  • Illinois 

  • Indiana 

  • Iowa 

  • Kansas 

  • Kentucky 

  • Louisiana 

  • Maryland 

  • Michigan 

  • Missouri 

  • Oklahoma 

  • Rhode Island 

  • South Carolina 

That's a total of 19 states that are already in motion towards legalization. It's unclear how many others will take the opportunity of the SCOTUS ruling to move quickly but I'd expect there to be others. It's important to note what won't be happening as a result of this ruling. Online sports betting. It would require federal law to enable online gambling in any state. That provides an added incentive for states that are on the fence about making the move. All told there are 40 states with some type of physical gambling in their states, including Florida obviously, so that's likely the view of the possible for the expansion of sports gambling in the near-term. 

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