Hysterical Headlines for May 17th – A hit piece on chicken tenders

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 17th  A hit piece on chicken tenders, leads to a conversation about the NRA – who'd have thunk it? ME 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: Ahh, yes the tangled weed we've woven. Now the question is whether a judge is going to rule if an illegal product can be illegally smoked. Does it really matter? 

Hot Take: And there it is. Just yesterday I pointed out that it was awfully fishy that out of nowhere a story about 74,000 donated chicken tender subs to Adam Putnam over three previous years seemed suspicious independent of expressed ulterior motives. In fact, to quote myself, I said that the story seemed to imply the "he's the gun guy" message without referencing it. Funny how the Sun Sentinel nor anyone else has discovered/reported/taken an intellectual interest in the facts of the 2018 cycle that I brought you yesterday. You know, the minor detail that Publix has donated over 40% more to Democrats than Republicans so far this year. You really would think that might be relevant in this context if the intent were anything but a hit piece by the Sentinel meant to intimidate Publix and any other companies that dare provide chicken and chicken related products to politicians that don't like. I haven't seen such a pathetic manufactured hit piece in South Florida media in longer than I can remember.  

But keep it up Sun Sentinel and maybe this month the NRA's revenue will rise by 400% year over year (compared to last month's 300% increase). 

Hot Take: have to admit that you would have to take a stand again Trump, the President of our Republic, in order to take a stand for Democracy which doesn't exist anywhere in the world.  

Hot Take: Happened much earlier in life... 

Until tomorrow...     

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