Important headlines for May 24th – Accountability in Parkland anyone?

Important headlines for May 24th  Accountability in Parkland anyone? 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: The Schentrups brought more logistical complaints as well. They pointed out that Stoneman Douglas High had violated security protocols on the day of the shooting. The school gates were open 20 minutes before dismissal, and no one was there to monitor them, allowing the gunman to be inside the building before anyone realized his intent. 

The grieving couple said that the principal, Ty Thompson, refused to meet them to discuss the gates. They were referred instead to the district's public information officer, Tracy Clark, who didn't acknowledge the issue of the gates. 

“We can only share that Superintendent Runcie and district officials have met with and remain in communication with Ms. Schentrup regarding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy and to provide information on how the district can continue to support her and the demands she faces returning to work,” Clark said. 

Her husband, Philip Schentrup, added that Runcie had offered them his condolences, but accepted no responsibility for the attack. 

"A week after my daughter was murdered, Mr. Runcie came to my house, sat at my kitchen table, told my wife and I the school district had done everything right,” he said. “That was an outrage, given I was burying my 16-year-old daughter."

Hot Take: Now here's the question. Where are the cries for accountability? I mean real accountability. Consider the incredible amount of energy and effort to promote gun control but not any of the actual people that potentially bear responsibility here. Doesn't it seem at least somewhat odd if not outrageous? Does anyone ever mention the FBI dropping the ball multiple times anymore? Do we know if anything meaningful has changed with the same FBI that also failed in advance of the Pulse terror attack? Does anyone who's promoting gun control care? We have a myriad of investigations into the law enforcement response with BSO so we'll know the rest of the story once the FDLE and related investigations conclude but then there's the school district.  

We know the failings of the botched referral to the Promise Program by the school district. We heard from educators who've expressed that they're pressured not to report problem kids generally. We've learned of failed safety protocol at Stoneman Douglas independent of the law enforcement response. But again, where's the energy, the outrage, the desire for accountability? And here's the thing. The thing that strikes me as odd. The lack of a uniform call for accountability at the top. Speaking with Ryan Petty and Lori Alhadeff recently I've found it interesting but also unusual that seemingly they're demanding significant changes in schools, especially with security measures, but not with the Superintendent. Why? 

I'd like to think there's more here than traditional political leanings in play but is that really the case? Is that wishful thinking on my part? I'm simply shocked that the outrage has been in the direct opposite order of those actually responsible for what happened – starting with Cruz himself. 

Until tomorrow...     

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