Hysterical Headlines for May 25th – Hogg wild & NFL Slavery

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for May 25th  Hogg wild & NFL Slavery 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: Attempting to harm Florida's largest private employer including the largest employer of autistic and disabled adults because they donated chicken tender subs to Flordia's agriculture commissioner. His parents must proud.  

Excerpt:  "Stand and show respect." The only thing missing from that directive is the word "boy" at the end. I should be surprised, but sadly, I'm not. A black man took a stand against police brutality by kneeling, and the response isn't the league owners gathering to use their endless power and influence in this country to actually address the issues he was trying to raise awareness for.  

Hot Take: Of course, lost in the "enslaved" argument is the somewhat important fact that the players choose to play the game. Kinda hard to be enslaved when it's a choice isn't it? So, rather than being victims why don't the players who feel they're victims break the bonds of slavery and quit? Oh, that's right because slavery pays awfully well these days.  

  • The minimum NFL salary is $480,000 

  • Average NFL salary $1.9 million 

Meanwhile the customers of the slaves don't do quite as well. The median US income is currently $48,151. That means that the average slave earns as much in one season as the average person does for more than 39 years of work. And as for those who serve behind the flag and anthem used as a means of protesting their slavedom – the American solider – they earn an average of $33,624 per year. In the case of our soldiers the slaves earn as much in one year as the average solider would serving our country for 56.5 years.  

Using the national anthem to protest on the job is bad enough. Claiming they're being enslaved? What came to mind was a line by Toby Keith. We'll stick a boot up their ass... The problem is their heads are already stuck in there. 

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