Tracking Trump for May 25th - What the President has been up to...

Tracking Trump for May 25th - What the President has been up to...              

Bottom Line: The President had 258 executive actions, a Supreme Court Justice and tax reform to show for his Presidency through Thursday morning. Here's what's happened since...       

In Tweet related activity: 

  • Clapper has now admitted that there was Spying in my campaign. Large dollars were paid to the Spy, far beyond normal. Starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history. SPYGATE - a terrible thing! 

  • Not surprisingly, the GREAT Men & Women of the FBI are starting to speak out against Comey, McCabe and all of the political corruption and poor leadership found within the top ranks of the FBI. Comey was a terrible and corrupt leader who inflicted great pain on the FBI! #SPYGATE 

  • Sadly, I was forced to cancel the Summit Meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un. 

  • It was my great honor to host a roundtable re: MS-13 yesterday in Bethpage, New York. Democrats must abandon their resistance to border security so that we can SUPPORT law enforcement and SAVE innocent lives! 

  • I have decided to terminate the planned Summit in Singapore on June 12th. While many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially, I believe that this is a tremendous setback for North Korea and indeed a setback for the world... 

  • Today, it was my honor to sign #S2155, the "Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.” Read more:  

  • Today, it was my great honor to present the #MedalOfHonor to @USNavy (SEAL) Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Britt Slabinski in the East Room of the @WhiteHouse. Full ceremony:  

In non-Tweet related activity:

  • Participated in the signing of a space policy directive to streamline regulations on commercial use of space 

  • Signed S. 2155 - Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act into law 

  • Presented the Medal of Honor to a Navy Seal for heroism in Afghanistan 

  • Met with the Chief of Naval Operations and the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy 

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