Just in time for the class of 18' - the best "high-quality" job market

Just in time for the class of 18' - the best "high-quality" job market in American history 

Bottom Line: Technically the unemployed rate has been lower than it is today (the record low was 2.5% in 1953), but the market for high quality jobs has never been better and we're realizing it. According to Gallup's latest jobs study a record 67% of Americans say they're optimistic about the ability to obtain a high-quality job. For comparison's sake the high point during the George W. Bush administration was 48% and 45% under President Obama. In fact, optimism is 25% higher today than the day Trump was inaugurated.  

A high-quality job is broadly defined as one that pays an above average income. Currently the average US income is just over $48,000. According to the latest study by Korn Ferry the average salary for the class of 2018... $50,390! 

That's right the average college grad entering the job market can expect to obtain employment with a salary that's above the average for those already in the workforce! The lowest paying starting salaries are those in customer service with a starting salary of $35,360. On the high side those entering software development can anticipate starting with a salary of $67,236.  

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