Hysterical Headlines for June 18th – Doing "God's work" at the border

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for June 18th  Doing "God's work" at the border  

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: How about abiding by the law? When did that become controversial? Btw, what laws do you think should be enforced and which ones shouldn't. Since it's all arbitrary shouldn't any of us only be accountable to the ones we like? It's reprehensible that media outlets, in the name of politics, are opening advocating for lawlessness. Don't be fooled.  

Hot Take: Hold on, so now you're saying that American laws and policy should be based on doing "God's work"? Or is that only when you feel you can use God as a political weapon? Do you think abortions are God's work? Fair question given the premise. 

Hot Take: Just in case you still thought that Chuck Todd had credibility. Btw, aside from the memorable Morning Joe meltdowns – MSNBC is also the home of Brian Williams, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow. But just the facts? You're not believable as a person, let alone news guy, Chuck... 

Hot Take: Yes, it is good to know that laws at least still matter when those with Republican ties run afoul of them. That's halfway there anyway. 

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