The silent majority - From the NFL to immigration

Political correctness has run amok, Trump's approval is higher than the NFL's and other indications that you're far from alone in your thinking... 

Bottom Line: This is the most egregious week of "news" reporting I've ever witnessed. A coordinated, false and slanderous hit has been attempted on President Trump regarding immigration policy (complete with pictures and videos from Obama-era illegal immigrant separation facilities perpetuated as current, demonstrably false accusations that the separation policy was Trump policy when in fact it's been the law of the United States since 1955 and was carried out as recently as the Obama administration in 2016) and even ABC News perpetuating the headline that Paul Manafort was guilty of manslaughter of five people while running video of President Trump. I've seen a staggering amount of false reporting but never so much based on a false premise. It once again got me thinking though about how desperate those who choose to use media to omit, mislead and slander really are and how they actually are less relevant than they've ever been. Why that conclusion? President Trump's average approval rating rose again this week for starters. But there's more. I recalled some of the recent contextual polling I'd viewed and the results that might surprise you. The headline to this story is a hint. 

In Fox News's most recently polling they surveyed President Trump with a 45% approval rating. His average across all polls is 44% so they're right in the mix for context before jumping into the contextual questions that so a lot about what we really think about our society.  

  • On the question of political correctness by 68%-19% margin Americans think it's gone too far 

  • The NFL's favorability level is currently 42% down from 46% year over year and 64% prior to the player protests (That's 3% lower approval for the NFL than President Trump – I'm guessing you have heard that one anywhere either) 

I then jumped over to Gallup with their updated "top issue" polling from just two days ago.  

  • Immigration: 14% 

  • Gun Control: 4% 

And my point isn't to diminish the need for either issue but to illustrate the point that while they've been media hot buttons it clearly hasn't translated in the numbers you'd likely suspect based on the inordinate coverage. Here's the deal. The silent majority elected Donald Trump and the most Republicans top to bottom in the United States in 2016, then at any other time since the 1920's and guess what? You're still represented in the data – just not in the news media.  



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