If Florida's voting isn't already easy enough...

Important headlines for July 12th  If Florida's voting isn't already easy enough – you probably shouldn't be voting 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: If the state made voting and registration more convenient, the Center for American Progress said Florida could increase turnout by as many as 570,000 votes. 

That big infusion could come from the adoption of automatic voter registration, which would be easier than the current system, which requires that people sign up to vote at least 29 days before any election. 

Under automatic voter registration, people are automatically signed up to vote when they interact with a government agency such as a driver’s license office. 

An alternative to automatic voter registration, the organization said, is same-day voter registration. If people could register as late as Election Day, the center said 478,000 people could have voted in the 2016 election — although there’s no guarantee that that number of people wanted to vote but couldn’t because they hadn’t registered by the deadline. 

Hot Take: Straight-forward question that demands an honest answer. Do we want informed voters? Is that important to you? Here are all of the current ways you can vote in Florida: 

  • Absentee ballot (without restrictions) 

  • By mail (without restrictions) 

  • Early voting (for up to ten days) 

  • Voting on Election Day 

Now if you can't be bothered to take the time to register to vote and participate in any one of those existing ways to vote – are you likely to be an informed voter? How can it be argued that Florida's not flexible enough with all of those ways to vote? 

It's highly transparent – what goes on here. The Center for American Progress is a left-wing organization that's literally funded by George Soros. What's the calculation here? That uniformed voters will vote for leftists. And we're supposed to rally around that notion? Yes, it's politically correct to say that everyone should vote, etc. I completely disagree. Elections have consequences and I want informed voters showing up to make informed decisions. I want lazy and uniformed voters to stay home. No apologies. 



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