Expect fewer Twitter followers... Here's why

Expect fewer Twitter followers... Here's why 

Bottom Line: Twitter's been in the mist of multiple policy changes. While they haven't been in the middle of most of the social media scandals, a la Facebook, they've been accused of bias in the reach of content for those with conservative content – have had their own data sharing concerns but for advertisers on the platform they've been concerned about false follower levels.  

Simply put, if companies are paying to reach X number of people but many of those people aren't real or aren't active – you're not getting what you're paying for. Twitter just announced a purge that'll address those concerns. The first and biggest step in the Twitter purge will be the elimination of "locked" accounts. 

According to the most recent data available approximately 6% of all Twitter accounts are currently locked. That means that the average user will lose about 6% of their followers – so don't be surprised if you see a drop in yours. For top celebs it'll be especially noticeable. This is on back of the 9.9 million accounts removed last month that were determined to be "bots" on back of the concerns about tampering from outside entities like Russians. This will provide a truer picture of what's real but it still doesn't address all of the questions. For example, why are the top three recommendations for me to follow on Twitter always Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN?  



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