Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Put this in your pipe and smoke it  

Bottom Line: You might've heard recently that traditional cigarette smoking has hit an all-time low. According to the CDC just 14% of adults smoke cigs. That's seemingly good news about Americans choosing healthier lifestyles...or is it? There are two running related thoughts/jokes I've had ongoing for about 20 years.  

  1. That eventually smoking cigarettes will be banned but we'll all be required to buy them for the tax revenue 

  2. Eventually they'll be more people that convince themselves that smoking pot is safer than smoking cigarettes 

#1 hasn't happened...yet but the second one now has...Gallup just wrapped up research on the topic. These are a few highlights... 

  • 97% feel smoking cigarettes is harmful 

  • 94% think using chewing tobacco is harmful 

Pretty overwhelming. Not too many folks in denial so what about Mary J?  

  • 56% think using marijuana is harmful  

And the question wasn't about the medicinal variety that you can come up with in Florida with a wink and a nod from doctor and cash in hand from a dispensary. Also, just to illustrate how effective the marketing campaign for weed has been of late 73% of folks said that vaping is harmful. So, there it is. Life as we see it today. The average American now thinks that smoking pot is safer than smoking anything else. And about those smoking rates... While a record low 14% of Americans may be smoking cigs. A record high (no pun intended) 13% are smoking pot. 

Any questions?  



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