August's hurricane history – it's time to get busy

August's hurricane history – it's the time for the second busiest month of the year 

Bottom Line: If you're aware of the Atlantic hurricane season, you're aware that we've just entered the peak time of the season...but I'll start with the good news first. Entering August last year, we already had five named storms on our way to 17 during the season. 2018's slower start has us at three named storms entering the month. That has us pacing just 10 named storms this season. Yes, all it takes is one, but I think we can all agree that fewer storms and opportunities are better. 

Based on history how much of the season is statistically behind us? And typically, how much is ahead? 

Since tracking began in 1851:  

  • 14.3% of all tropical storms had formed prior to August (meaning that about 86% form from August on).  

  • 9.5% of all hurricanes have formed prior to August (90%+ plus happen after)  

As we continue to advance through the month, hopefully free from the threat of hurricanes, we'll see this picture begin to reverse. The absolute peak of hurricane season has historically been the final two weeks of August and first two weeks of September (with September 10th historically being the absolute peak of season). For perspective, there have been more tropical storms and hurricanes that have formed in August, than the first seven months of the year combined historically.  

Here's what we average: 2.3 tropical storms & 1.5 hurricanes. An average of one storm or hurricane makes landfall in the US every other year in August 

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