Blueprint hysteria & The Day After Tomorrow that we control

Hysterical Headlines for August 2nd  Blueprint hysteria & The Day After Tomorrow that we control 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: How scary are 3-D printed guns? How lame are these headlines? But it's more than just the headline that's lame. Here's an excerpt: It's a scary new wrinkle in the gun-control debate that has captured the attention of gun-control advocates and politicians.  

So now only gun control advocates are interested in the outcome here? Seriously. Plus, it's important to note that 3D printed guns aren't legal. So, no additional level of gun control can change anything here. The question is simply about whether the blueprints will be readily available online. This isn't a gun control debate. And something tells me the premise of this story is advanced by someone who simply finds the idea of guns to generally be "scary" due to a lack of understanding. 

Hot Take: Say what!? Now, this is why it's important to not allow the theories of global warming to be conflated with climate change. Something that is an absolute reality occurring every second of every day, climate change, is being perpetuated as something that we could stop from happening? As pretty as that Paris Accord was I don't think it'd have stopped the Ice Ages, periods of extreme heat and multiple mass extinction events that happened before we here. But then again this never was about factual information as much as an effort to manipulate the ignorant was it?  

Until Tomorrow... 

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