Florida's senate race - Nelson vs. Scott - the latest

An update on Florida's biggest races - The race to be our Senator   

Bottom Line: Before getting started it's important to point out that this race is a general election match up but only one of the candidates, Bill Nelson, doesn't have to win an election first. Governor Rick Scott has a primary challenge from Rocky De La Fuente he must win first. While a win is highly likely for Scott, Rocky is showing support around 20% in the Republican primary race. That being said... 

This is the first update in two weeks and at the last update we had a 46 to 46 tie. Since then we've had three accredited polls roll in and we're now within a month of Florida's primaries – which is a time that traditionally voters become more engaged in the political cycle. Survey says... 

  • Nelson: 44%    

  • Scott: 45%    

  • Undecided/third party 11%    

This remains an absolute toss-up with Governor Scott have edged out to a slight lead again over the past couple of weeks. Barring an unforeseen circumstance this is going to be another nail-bitter on election night for both candidates.  

It's worth noting the wild cards that exist with these two candidates. Bill Nelson's a federal politician with a vote pending on the nomination of a potential Supreme Court justice in Brett Kavanagh. How does he vote? How will that vote impact this race?   

Rick Scott is our Governor. Clearly anything significant within our state that requires his attention is a wild card. None the least of which would be a hurricane for example.  

Until next update...    

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