It's about the first amendment not gun control

Important headlines for August 2nd - It's about the first amendment not gun control 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them...  

Excerpt: The Florida Democrat introduced a bill on Tuesday that would block the online publication of gun blueprints, after the Trump administration decided to settle a lawsuit by a Texas anarchist who built a gun out of plastic in 2013 and posted the instructions online. 

Nelson’s legislation to ban the blueprints, the latest push for stricter gun control measures among Florida Democrats after the Parkland shooting, was largely symbolic given the tight deadline to enact it before the blueprints were to go online.  

Hot Take: First, 3D printed guns are already "banned" because guns without serial numbers are illegal. Period. Whether they could evade metal detectors or not. Second, President Trump has indicated he doesn't support 3D printed guns to the extent his opinion matters and as for the case that was settled itself... It had had nothing to do, with gun control or gun rights or gun anything. It was a first amendment case not a second amendment case. As is often the case the most pervasive form of bias is omitting information 

There's nothing inherently illegal about the blueprints – therefore the posting of them online is a free speech/freedom of expression question. Using them to create an illegal object would be illegal. Make sense? Now, if Bill Nelson wants to attempt to advance legislation to censor speech that's a whole other issue which interestingly enough isn't how it was positioned but is exactly what it is based on the existing legal findings of the case.  

Anyone else alarmed? But as I've said for awhile... With so many people willing to attempt to eliminate the 2nd amendment, it's only a matter of time before some would come after the 1st. Who knew it'd be Bill Nelson though...? But then again, I guess desperate politicians do desperate things... Hopefully voters are informed enough to know the implications. 

Until Tomorrow... 

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