When winning in Florida equals lost elections - Hysterical Headlines

Hysterical Headlines for August 6th – When winning in Florida equals lost elections  

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: Well, that’s one way to ensure Ron wins. The DeSantis story is an impressive one. One that I mentioned would play in Republican circles once people discovered. I mentioned, even to Adam, back in March that the toughest race he’d have this year would be the GOP primary. DeSantis is without a doubt the frontrunner with about three weeks left but... that’s kind of the point. Ron was leading by an average of six points a week ago in this race. What’s more is that Putnam has the best statewide election record – two 18-point wins – of any candidate in the past 20+ years in this state and you expect that he’s going to pack it in with three weeks left to go? C’mon man. You know that ain’t happening.  

Hot Take: Aka, the power of ignorance... I’ve still yet to find someone who wanted it that could even correctly tell me what ICE is and what they do. Is it really asking too much to know what you want to abolish before creating a movement to attempt to abolish it?  

Hot Take: This btw, is likely insight into CNN’s newsroom philosophy. You’d don’t need to cover the news. All you need to do is oppose Trump. Yeah, why stand for anything? That’s so overrated. Thanks CNN.  

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